(A Michigan Registered 501 (C) 3 Public Charity)
PO BOX 123, Empire, MI 49630-0123 Telephone:  231-326-2509
Gerry Shiffman (president) 326-2509
Shirley Tanguay (vice president) 326-5438
Linda Payment (secretary)  326-5584
Lanny Sterling (treasurer) 590-7367
Becky Willis (member)
Jim Sills (member)
Sharon L Geisler (member)
David Geisler (member)
Inie Hacker (member)
Nancy Wright (member)
Dawn Marieski (member)
Jim Dolbec (member)
Cindy Blakeslee (member)
 WHO WE ARE:  A Michigan Registered 501 (C) 3 Public Charity non-profit organization serving the Empire Michigan area - All interested people are welcome to join us.   

EMPIRE AREA COMMUNITY EMERGENCY FUND:  The purpose of this program is to organize and administer fund raising events, collect and distribute funds which have been donated for the purpose of assisting people of need in our community who have fallen on hard times.  Buckets of Rain currently sponsors monthly community concerts that benefit this fund.  They are generally held on the last Sunday of each month from 4-6pm at varying locations throughout the Empire area.
 OUR VISION STATEMENT:  As a non-profit Michigan Registered 501 (C) 3 Public Charity.  EACC is a supportive organization for the Empire area community. EACC identifies and fosters positive charitable community activities (one-time events and ongoing activities) for people of all ages within the community. As part of our mission to improve community life, we  administer an Emergency Relief program known as the Empire Area Community Emergency Fund which offers financial assistance to people of need in our community.  
Current activities supported by EACC include: The Empire Area Community Emergency Fund, the Empire Asparagus Festival Parade, the Empire Anchor Day Festival,  Community based fitness classes that include Asthanga Yoga,  Zumba Fitness and FESB Fitness, the community Halloween Party, the Community Winter Holiday Potluck Dinner, and a Community events calendar. 

In such a community as the Empire area, there is a need for people to connect and support each other.  EACC helps to keep the Empire area active and charitably supported.

EACC meets regularly (the 2nd Thursday of each month from 5:00pm to 7:00pm usually at the Glen Lake Community Library Located in the Village of Empire) and accepts donations at events, meetings, activities, or by mail.  EACC is funded by grants, donations and activity fees,

Please make checks payable to EACC and mail to:  PO Box 123, Empire, MI  49630-0123

For more info: EmpireAreaCommunityCenter@gmail.com or call 231.326-2509

COMMUNITY EVENTS CALENDAR:  Located on the outside wall between Deering's Market and the Friendly Tavern.  We hope to include all community events on this calendar, so please let us know about your organization and details of your events. 

Empire Lions Club Meets every first and third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Empire Town Hall. Call 326-5682 for more information.

Empire Eagles